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19/10/2020 News


Turbocharger technology may sound like a car feature that only auto enthusiasts would be familiar with. Car owners in general may not be aware of how it works, let alone keep up to date with the technology’s advancement since it was first introduced in the 1990s – when only high-performance and race cars would be equipped with turbo engines.

The technology has changed a lot since then. Modern turbo engines are more functional now, giving the benefit of fuel economy without compromising performance. To illustrate, a regular 2000cc car has the same power with a 1500cc turbo engine, which offer you better fuel consumption.

A turbocharger is essentially an additional component that forces more air into the combustion chamber. It makes the car produce more power as the result yet maintain fuel economy.

Maintenance-wise, unlike the concerns that some car owners may have, a turbo car requires the same care as a regular car. Indeed, there were certain upkeep tricks of older turbo engines – such as to wait a little bit before turning off your engine to make sure the turbocharger stopped working entirely.


Today, however, such special way is no longer needed. Now that car manufacturers have found a way around the issue, a turbo car works just the same as a non-turbo four-wheel. Follow these tips to keep your turbo car shipshape.

Check and change your engine oil regularly

Oil check is always important, regardless of your car’s model and make. Read the recommended oil specification carefully and make sure oil is changed at a specified date. For turbo cars, this rule is especially pertinent, as the engine will have specific components that require optimal lubrication.

Use the right type of fuel

A turbo car needs good quality fuel to maintain its performance and efficiency. Follow the fuel type recommended by your car’s manufacturer to get the best combustion result – nowadays, you’re likely to be advised to use fuel with octane level above 92.

Clean air filter

A turbo engine depends on how much air the charger can force into the engine chamber. To make sure the mechanism always works properly, air filter needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid clogs.