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28/01/2021 News


Many activities are gaining popularity since the global Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020, including cycling. Not only a means of exercise, many people are now taking up cycling as a lifestyle or simply a hobby.

And for some people, cycling isn’t only about going around the neighborhood. Cycling groups take trips to try uncommon routes and get a unique experience. Even during family vacation, avid cyclists can be reluctant to leave their bikes at home.

It is certainly possible to travel with a bike in tow, especially when you’re driving a personal vehicle. To ensure the bike does not sacrifice comfort, it is important to pay attention to safety and convenience measures.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to transport a bike using your car. The first way is to make room inside the cabin or the luggage compartment. A folding bike would be ideal for this option, although you can also fit your road or mountain bike by removing the wheels and seat. 




Depending on your car model, rear seats may or may not need to be folded down. In any case, fitting a bike inside an MPV or an SUV will definitely give you the best convenience.

The second way is to use a car-mounted bike carrier or bike rack. If you opt this way, make sure the carrier and bike are properly secured. Incidents from accidental fall off, or the bike getting stuck or hitting something on the road, to being stolen are the risks you need to know about.

If you’re confident with a bike carrier and it is the best option to transport your bike, here are some of the choices on carrier’s type:


  • Roof mount – as the name says, your bike will go onto your roof, where a roof rack will have been installed. It may seem a little bit more difficult to get the bike up, but lower the risk of the bike being stolen.
  • Towbar mount – this carrier looks similar to a roof mount in terms of model, but can only be installed on cars equipped with a towing hitch. The only thing that sets it apart from the roof mount is its location – in the rear of the car – and a rack that extends from the car.
  • Rear mount – the least expensive and easiest to install, this bike carrier is located in the rear of the car, like a towbar mount, but can be easily installed to your trunk lid.

So, go choose the most suitable option for you and have fun exploring from the saddle!