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09/12/2020 News


With many people taking up cycling to stay fit during the pandemic, it has become more common to see cyclists, individuals and in groups alike, sharing the roads of Indonesian big cities with motorbikes and cars.

For motor vehicle drivers, however, cyclists can make them nervous. A bicycle is typically less equipped with riding signals unlike a motorcycle or car, and drivers become anxious they may accidentally hit a cyclist.

To avoid such event, here are some tips for drivers on what to do when they notice cyclists on the road.

Give way

More than just a safety intuition, giving way to cyclists is stipulated by law, i.e. Article 106 Paragraph 2 of Law 22/2009 on Traffic and Road Transport: “Every person that drives a motor vehicle shall yields his/her right of way for the safety of a pedestrian or cyclist.” "

On the other hand, cyclists are bound by the Transport Minister Regulation. Article 2 under Chapter II of the regulation requires the use of fenders, bell, braking system, lights, red reflector, white or yellow tire reflector, and pedals.

Cyclists also must keep a safe distance from other road users and may not form a row of more than 2 cyclists, which would hinder other road users from passing by.


Keep a safe distance and lower your speed

Noticing a cyclist or group of cyclists ahead? Keep a safe distance and lower your speed to anticipate accident risks. Because of their light bikes, cyclists are indeed prone to be swayed by strong winds or other causes of falling, such as potholes. Keeping a safe distance allows you to avoid causing more damage to a cyclist in trouble, or even a collision when a cyclist makes a turn without a signal.

Flash your light, sound your horn

In the heat of cycling, cyclist may not be aware of what is going next to or behind them. If you need to overtake, give signal by flashing your light, using your turn signal, or sounding your horn slightly. There is no need to excessively pressing your horn, as this may only get drivers and cyclists into trouble.

Stay calm, avoid road rage

There is nothing wrong to yield your lane on the road, especially when you encounter a group of cyclists. Without a motor engine, even the fastest cyclist cannot compete with a car or a motorbike. Be patient and wait for the right time to overtake. Keep your temper in check and avoid doing anything that could incite a fight.