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09/01/2020 News


With motorcycles being the widely preferred vehicle among Indonesian consumers, it is perhaps unsurprising that motorbike touring follows that popularity. Group touring is especially loved, as it takes up the excitement and sense of camaraderie. 

Heading to far, unfamiliar destinations are possible by riding a two-wheeler, but a rider certainly must be aware of fatigue, especially after riding non-stop for two hours or more. And fatigue isn’t just about the length of riding time, but also position. Here are some tips to help you stay fit when riding and minimize physical pain.

1. Seating position

The first thing to bear in mind is where you sit. Ideally, you want your bottom half to be right in the center of the saddle, not too far front or too far back, to avoid pain in your glute muscles. 

2. Straddling 

This tip is especially important for sport bike riders. Position your inner thighs against the fuel tank to avoid fatigue too quickly. This position also affects the motorbike’s stability during your ride. 




3. Back posture

Keep your back straight so you won’t be tired too easily – which will happen if you hunch. Hunching, especially persistently, may even injure your back.

4. Avoid hyperextending your arms

This habit is observable in many riders. In fact, it will make your arms tired easily. Extend your arms, but with enough slack so that your elbows can remain relaxed and slightly bend. This position allows your arms to act almost like a suspension; they will absorb shocks, especially when you’re riding on uneven surface. 

5. Leg positions

Leg positions may vary in different motorcycle models. If you’re riding an automatic scooter, make sure that your legs are rested on the deck at a perpendicular angle. Keep them relaxed but always be aware you’ll need them from time to time. If you’re riding an underbone or sport bike model, place the base of your foot on the foot peg to keep you ready for braking or gear change. 

Try those tips and get used to them to reduce the risk of extreme fatigue. Remember to make sure that your motorbike is in suitable condition for touring and you are healthy and strong enough to make the trip.