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22/11/2019 News


Toll roads, with less vehicles and no traffic lights, are designed to get people to their destinations faster and more seamless. Nevertheless, no matter how tempting, it isn’t a place to practice racing skills.

In the end of November 2019, Indonesia is welcoming a new elevated toll road connecting Jakarta and Cikampek. Built to be used specifically by light vehicles and certain types of bus and two-axle truck – that make up Category I and II vehicles – the road will certainly be less crowded. This is not, however, a license for drivers to move in high speed, as safety remains the most important concern.

Drivers need to respect other road users and keep in mind that each driver has different level of driving skill. Get familiar with the following key points and avoid road incidents:


1. Always put your safety belt on

Putting on safety belts before driving should be a habit – not to avoid traffic fines, but to keep you safe. It’s a small thing that will make a huge difference. A life-saving instrument.

2. Minimize distractions

Driving behind the wheel demands full attention. No distraction allowed. A driver needs to navigate many things at the same time. One distraction, no matter how small, will have impact to driver’s attention. Minimize distractions, especially those coming from your smartphone. Leave it inside your bag. The longer you juggle with it, the higher the risk of incident – and even more so at high speed.


3. Follow traffic rules

Traffic rules are made for important reasons and safety is definitely one of them. Always comply with traffic rules, including speed limit. Higher compliance, less risk of accidents .

4. Avoid blind spots

When driving, try to always keep your vehicles within the visual range of other cars. This way, when cars around you are manoeuvring, they can see you and know where to direct their vehicles to avoid collision. It’s also a universal rule that applies to any kind of road.

5. Stay calm

A driver is responsible not only for his/her own safety, but also safety of the passengers. All drivers must keep this in mind at all time. Stay calm and try your best not to be provoked by others’ reckless driving behaviour.

6. Avoid tailgating

You may have witnessed a car being too close to the car in front of it. High speed or not, it’s a dangerous driving behaviour. Cars have different braking efficiency and such behaviour will not allow the driver sufficient room to anticipate sudden movement. Tailgating should always be avoided.