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30/06/2021 News


Motorbike owners, especially the high-performance models, take pride of being able to keep their ride in excellent condition and the engine ready to give the owner an adrenaline rush. One of the ways to do this is by doing regular oil replacement and, crucially, by ensuring that the oil you choose is designed for your bike. Remember, different bike specifications also require different oil type. Read more to find out what your motorbike may need.

Engine Oils for Cars and Motorcycle – Are They the Same?

There are several key differences that set engine oils for cars and motorbikes apart. First, motorcycles use the same oils to lubricate both the engine and transmission system, but cars require separate oil products.

For cars, the engine oils typically contain friction modifier to enhance the vehicle’s efficiency. This feature isn’t available in motorcycle engine oils, as it may cause bikes to slip and being unstable. For this same reason, cars’ engine oils will not work on motorcycle.

Moreover, engine oils for motorcycles lack detergent additives that you would find in engine oil for cars. In motorcycles, detergent additives cause dirt build up and damage in the piston and engine valves.

Finally, unlike engine oils for cars that work with many different car series, oil manufacturers usually develop products for specific motorbike variants. Therefore, always make sure that you purchase a product designed for your bike.

Why Not Use Car Engine Oils for Motorbikes?

Because motorcycle engines work differently from car engines, the rule of thumb is always to use the right product for the right vehicle.

Motorcycle engines tend to run on a higher torque and therefore require oil products that can provide optimum protection against heat and friction.

Mechanical-wise, motorcycles are equipped with wet transmission. Their gearboxes need better cooling, more durable viscosity, and additives that can provide optimum protection.




How to Drain Motorcycle Oils

Engine flushing is not recommended for your motorcycles. You may cause damage to the engine because of trapped dirt, or damage to the seal and other components. Additionally, modern engine oils are manufactured with cleaning properties. A separate cleaning fluid is therefore not required.

However, in case engine flushing is necessary, oil replacement should be done beforehand. Engine flushing may be needed when dirt and gunk have accumulated and there is no other option to clean the engine chamber. In this case, make sure you always carefully follow engine flush instruction.

Chain Lubrication – Oil or Wax?

Both oil and wax can be used to lubricate and maintain the condition of motorcycle chains. Oil is easier to apply but requires frequent re-application as it can quickly dry. Meanwhile, applying wax is a slightly more complex process, as the chains must be removed first. Wax can also turn solid after a while, although can be easily cleaned.

The Benefits of Synthetic Oils in Motorcycles

You may be on the fence when it comes to choosing between synthetic and mineral oils for your motorcycle. Synthetic oils are recommended for their many benefits over mineral oils, such as:

•    Weather-resistant
•    Anti-corrosion
•    Protection against dirt build up
•    Effective engine cooling properties
•    Durable
•    Promotes cleaner gas emission
•    Fuel-efficient

However, in many cases, synthetic oils are more compatible for newer motorcycles. Older makes of five years old and above should go with mineral oils or oils with high viscosity level. This is because older engines usually have larger gaps between its components, and synthetic oils that have lower viscosity level can easily evaporate, while mineral oils that are more viscous can better protect the components. Moreover, older engines do not work as hard as new ones, and therefore do not require advanced synthetic formula.

More importantly, using the right engine oils will enhance your motorcycle’s performance and engine protection. Click the following link to learn the complete range of TotalEnergies engine oils for motorcycles.