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11/05/2020 News


Air Conditioner (AC) is a must-have feature in every modern car. Its value grows multi-fold in places like Indonesia, a tropical country where humidity, heat, and traffic congestion are the typical ingredients of urban drivers’ day-to-day road experience. In that situation, an AC unit that works properly makes daily commute comfortable. When it is raining, turning on AC may help defog car windows.

This image of comfort can certainly turn into the complete opposite if your AC starts to act up. There may be technical problems with the unit, in which case you can have it repaired at an auto shop or by calling AC repair service. But do you know that the real cause of damage may just be the driver’s behaviour? See if you have been inadvertently guilty of these bad habits and learn how to keep your AC last longer.

1. Leaving a car’s cabin dirty

Dirt and dust are everywhere. But, if left too long, the small particles that accumulate in a car’s cabin can spread and clog AC filter. If you feel that your AC isn’t working as usual, you may want to check when was the last time you cleaned your car.

2. Running AC with Windows Rolled Down

Not only this invites dirt and dust, this also forces the AC unit to work even harder to keep the car’s interior cool. As this continues, your AC may not last for too long.


3. Smoking inside the car

Apparently, it is not only your health that can be affected by smoking. Just like dust and dirt, the smoke and nicotine from your cigarette can contaminate AC’s evaporator and keep your AC from working properly.

4. Parking in a sun-exposed spot

When a car is parked under direct sunlight and left for most of the day, the interior temperature will increase exponentially as the day goes by. This burdens the AC the first time it is turned on because it will take more time to lower cabin temperature.

5. Delaying regular maintenance

Sticking to your regular maintenance schedule can help keep your AC unit rejuvenated from time to time. Don’t delay it and visit your trusted auto shop to have your AC unit cleaned and checked – from the compressor, receiver drier, condenser, evaporator, belt fan, refrigerant level to AC filters.