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20/05/2019 Press release



Jakarta, 20 May 2019  Total is committed to safety and this commitment includes communicating the importance of driving safely to road users. As a part of this commitment, PT Total Oil Indonesia, an affiliate of the fourth largestoil and gas company in the world, presents “Posko Santai Total” at the buffer area in Tanjung Priok Port, on May 21 – 23, 2019. The event aimed to remind drivers on the importance of keeping the body fit along the journey and also to increase awareness to drive safely.

Based on the data released by the Indonesian Police, there were 899 accidents happening only during 2018 Eid festive period, resulting in 193 fatalities. Quoting the statement of Indonesian Police, these accidents are dominated by human error, mostly fatigue and lack of sleep. Driving with unfit conditions means negligence to safe driving principles. Such poor safe driving behavior and the significance of keeping the road safe become a great concern for PT Total Oil Indonesia. As a company that puts safety in the heart of their policy and operations, Total, for the second consecutive year, presents Posko Santai Total.

Looking closer, Posko Santai Total is an expression of commitment to continuously communicate and increase safe driving awareness to all road users, particularly truck drivers in this event. Total wishes to remind drivers again how important it is to maintain fit body condition while driving, to explain the presence of blind spots, and also the importance of keeping safe distance between vehicles.

Yordi Subekti, HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality) Manager PT Total Oil Indonesia says, “PT Total Oil Indonesia is always committed to provide safety education to the public, and the latest one is by presenting Posko Santai Total that aims to offer a comfortable place for the truck and/or bus drivers to rest, especially since they have gone through long journey.” In addition to rest area, Posko Santai Total also includes road safety briefing and tips to the drivers, especially about keeping fit physical conditions and some information about blind spot.

This is the second year for PT Total Oil Indonesia to hold this educational event for truck and bus drivers. In 2018, Total also had a similar event in Merak Port, Banten. Posko Santai Total offers a place for long haul drivers to stop for a minute or so, relax, and regain physical fitness.

There are various facilities in Posko Santai Total, including free basi medical check, massage chairs, and also takjil for the drivers to break the fast – since the event was in Ramadan month. 

“We are hoping Posko Santai Total can contribute to increase safety awareness and understanding among drivers for them to understand that it is very crucial to stay safe while driving and in the end, we sincerely hope that such small step can give positive impact to general driving behavior,” Yordi concluded.