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29/11/2017 Press release


France-based lubricant manufacturer PT TOTAL Oil Indonesia is back with another safe riding event. Entering its third year in 2017, the event is a part of PT TOTAL Oil Indonesia “Safe Riding with Total Hi-Perf” campaign that the company holds in four cities. 

After being organized mainly in Jakarta for its first two years, “Safe Riding with Total Hi-Perf” now expands to campuses in West and Central Java. The campaign aims six universities in total, namely Padjadjaran University and Indonesian Education University in Bandung, Diponegoro University and Soegijapranata University in Semarang, Sebelas Maret University in Surakarta, and Swadaya Gunung Jati University in Cirebon.

PT TOTAL Oil Indonesia chooses to target college students with a good reason. Data from a traffic regulation enforcement operation Patuh Candi 2016 carried out by Semarang District Police show that 42% of traffic violations involve school and college students. In terms of road accident and type of vehicle, motorbikes are involved in 71,616 cases out of a total of 80,157 incidents between January and September 2016. 

Taking concern of the issue, TOTAL Oil Indonesia started to organize the campaign. “PT TOTAL Oil Indonesia is committed to providing safety education to the public. We deliver this by holding ‘Safe Riding with Total Hi-Perf’ campaign in schools and campuses as a way to get young people to ride safely,” said Christopher Kasidi, VP – Retail & Marketing PT TOTAL Oil Indonesia.

The campaign gets positive reception from the Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil who attended a campaign’s event at the University of Padjajaran. He expressed his welcome to the initiative from PT TOTAL Oil Indonesia that approaches young people and raise their awareness of safe riding.

“We hope this event benefits not just the participants of ‘Safe Riding with Total Hi-Perf’, but also other drivers and riders in general and how they behave on the road,” said Magdalena Naibaho, Brand Manager PT TOTAL Oil Indonesia.

Through “Safe Riding with Total Hi-Perf”, PT TOTAL Oil Indonesia invites the students to learn more about riding tips and techniques that would increase their safety on the road as well as life-saving skills that are useful for riders. A learning session on good and appropriate riding as well as traffic rules is featured in every “Safe Riding with Total Hi-Perf” event.

It is also important to note that riding safety is determined by many other factors. One of them is regular vehicle maintenance to ensure the vehicle is always at its optimum condition, including the use of compatible lubricant products.