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20/01/2018 News


This year’s Lebaran holiday gives Indonesian car owners the perfect opportunity to make long journeys because the new toll road that extends from Jakarta to some parts of East Java enables them to drive leisurely without the fear of getting trapped in traffic jams. Some segments of the phenomenal freeway are not fully functional at the moment. Even so, the toll road really enables them to travel faster than they used to.

Keep in mind that you must keep yourself safe and the rest of your family safe when driving along the freeway. Prior to your departure, take all precautions and make the necessary preparations. Be sure you have everything that you need for the long trek home so that you and your beloved passengers can travel safely and comfortably and reach your destination in good shape.

In addition to ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy and providing it with the necessary parts for emergency situations, be sure your electronic toll card has sufficient credit on it. Never take this thing for granted: insufficient funds on your electronic toll card will put you and people behind you in discomfort. Never plead for mercy to the driver behind you at the toll gate. So once again make sure you top up your electronic toll card before travelling along the freeway.

Obey road rigns and markings, never fail to follow road officers’ directions. Do not rest on the the hard shoulder; resting areas are available along the freeway. Hard shoulders are emergency lanes suited for troubled drivers. They can pull over there, park safely, and wait for the authorities who will give them the necessary assistance.

Long travel can potentially undermine drivers’ physical condition and reduce their alertness. Drivers who are in a state of decreased alertness can endanger themselves as well as other motorists. You are advised to take a 30-minute break after driving for 4 hours in order to keep your stamina up so you can reach your destination safely. Use your resting time efficiently at the resting areas because your fellow motorists also need to use the facilities.

Many people will benefit from your sensibility and positive attitude on the road. Be a #totallypositive driver for the sake of your fellow road users.