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07/02/2018 News


Mudik is an annual tradition in Indonesian where millions of migrant workers return home to their hometown or village to celebrate the major holidays of Lebaran. So many of them travel home from the major cities on their own vehicles instead of using public transport. Eid al-Fitr or the Eid is closely associated with the massive wave of migrant workers leaving the capital or major cities to enjoy a week of reunion with their families, old friends or playmates in their hometown. Although this yearly event is unmistakably full of joy, sometimes ill health and road accidents spoil the otherwise memorable holiday.

When the Lebaran holiday is approaching, people get busy checking the condition or roadworthiness of their cars, reserving travel tickets, packing their belongings, or collecting money. Sadly, most of them forget to get a medical check-up.

Bear in mind that when you are about to undertake a long journey, it’s not only the vehicle that demands attention; the driver’s health or physical condition must be scrutinized. Never imagine that driving a car easy. As a matter of fact, this job demands undivided concentration and high level of mental alertness.

For this very reason, make sure you get some medical check-up to make sure you are physically fit for the long journey home. This seemingly simple step can save you from health risks that might jeopardize you or the people travelling with you. It’s always a wise decision to consult a physician to see if you are physically fit for the exhausting and long journey.

Many fatal accidents during the Lebaran are caused by human factors: drivers losing control of their vehicles because they get drowsy or succumb to alcohol or deliberately drive under influence of drugs. They may also suffer from life-threatening illnesses like hypertension or cardiac arrest.

Drivers are prone to getting exhausted and losing focus and thus compromising their own as well as their passengers’ safety, not to mention the other road users. So it is a good idea to get some rest for half an hour after driving non-stop for 4 hours, so that we can keep our stamina up and reach our destinations safely.

Try your best to avoid driving in the night because at this time of day human body has the tendency to naturally pause and rest. Forcing yourself to drive in the night will cause your body to lose stamina quickly and fall into sleepiness.

Additionally, in order to have a pleasant and hassle-free journey, make sure you you’re your driving license and vehicle identification number card. Get used to using GPS because this instrument really help you find alternative routes is cases of severe traffic jams.

Your family back home are keen to greeting you and hope you arrive safely. Be a #totallypositive driver for the other road users!