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01/06/2018 News


Has your car received extra care that it deserves for the long trip of Lebaran holidays? Be a #totallypositive driver. Giving your car thorough check for the coming holidays will get you rid of unwanted problems. At least you won’t bring discomfort to your passengers or become a burden to the other motorists.

It is customary for people living in Jakarta or other Indonesian major cities to travel far to their hometowns during the Lebaran. If you are planning to drive your own car to your hometown this year, it is highly advisable that you do everything to make sure your car is well-prepared for the long journey.

Do you know what you need to do before you hit the road? First of all, you must get your car serviced. You may need to change your car’s engine lubricants, brake fluid, and radiator coolant.

It is essential that you change the engine lubricant or check the lubricantlevel because engine lubricants minimizes friction among the engine’s components. Should you discover a low engine lubricant immediately add more. Please also check your car’s electrical system and check the level of distilled water inside your battery. Check for leaks on your car battery: leaking batteries cannot generate enough power to start your car. Insufficient distilled water inside your battery can also damage your car’s components.

Next, check the radiator coolant. Cheking the radiator coolant is essential to ensure your engine cooling system works well. Insufficient radiator coolant will cause overheating to the car’s engine, and if this happens, your car will simply stop and you will encumber the other drivers.

Equally important is checking the level of brake fluid and clutch lubricant. The brakes are among the most vital parts that keep you safe on the road. Please check for leaks of the brake fluid. Before you start on a journey, please also check your car’s brake shoes, because these deceptively small parts work to ensure you are safe and sound.

Next thing to do: check your car’s illumination system, especially the head light and signal lights, especially when you travel a lot after it gets dark. Make sure your car’s electrical system is perfect. See if the head lights, turning lights and other essential lights function well.

Last but not least, check the tire pressure. You must run this check to prevent the tyre from bursting on the road. Normal tire pressure ensures your vehicle’s stability. Get yourself used to checking tire pressure before making long trip. In so doing you not only do yourself a favor but also help other people prevent disasters from occurring.

Keeping your car in perfect condition will guarantee a safe and comfortable ride. Besides that, this is such an endearing habit by which you can spare your fellow drivers the unnecessary troubles. Be a #totallypositive driver and make yourself a useful citizen.