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18/08/2018 News


Although many car owners gravitate for white for the color of their new ride, many Indonesians still favor black shiny cars because they look expensive and elegant. Some also opt for black because the color is neutral and not boring.

It’s highly advisable that the owners of black cars pay due attention to the color’s maintenance because glossy black tends be reflective and expose dust, minor scratches and unsightly spots on the surface of their cars. 

First and foremost, have your black car cleaned on a daily basis, and park them in shady areas because black paint tends to expose fungi that quickly grow and proliferate when water is left unwiped and evaporates on your car’s surface. For this very reason, wash your car in the morning or late afternoon, and immediately wipe the body of your car.

Black paint is susceptible to minor scratches. To prevent minor scratches and swirl marks (those that look like spider webs), use a microfiber towels and move it in one direction. 

If the black paint is no longer shiny and starts to fade as a result of prolonged exposure to the sunshine, it is highly recommended that you contact a car paint specialist to restore the car’s glossy appearance. Car detailers may offer you various packages, and it’s a good idea that you consult with those specializing in black cars.

Special detailing solutions for black paint are specifically formulated to bring back the glossy look. Additionally, they pose no threats to black car components and accessories made from plastic like wiper blades, window trim seals, side molding and bumper trims.