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30/08/2018 News


Sweet-smelling and fresh cabin will guarantee a nice trip when you drive your car, because there’s where you spend most of your time when travelling. Imagine you are caught in a terrible traffic jam in a big city: any unwelcome smell originating from your car’s cabin will increase your stress.

Keeping your car’s cabin clean and sweet-smelling is not a monumental task, actually. Understand and apply the concept of Total Healthy Cycle. Air conditioners play a crucial role particularly for car owners living in tropical areas. To save you from unnecessary hassles, have your car air conditioner filter regularly replaced especially if you live in dusty environments, since dust easily accumulate on the air conditioner’s filter.

Regular replacement of air conditioner filter is indispensable for car owners who smoke and eat while driving thus producing offensive odors inside their vehicles. If you drive your car on a daily basis, your car’s air conditioner works hard to filter all kinds of impurities, and for such reason, you must replace the air conditioner filter twice per year or every 10.000 kilometers.

In addition to replacing the filter, please have the receiver dryer checked regularly. This component (more commonly called the filter or dryer) filters impurities and water particles during the air circulation cycles. Within the receiver dryer there are two essential components: the dryer and the filter.

Be sure to visually check your air conditioner’s sight glass: does the Freon look clear or blackish. If it looks dark, this can only mean that your receiver dryer is dirty and needs replacing. To rid yourself from worry, go to the nearest car air conditioner specialist and have them thoroughly check your car air conditioner. 

JIka dua komponen AC itu sudah beres, ada baiknya Anda mencoba untuk menggunakan air purifier. Ini bisa menjadi alternatif selain memakai bahan pengharum mobil aromaterapi alami (seperti cengkeh, kopi, daun pandan, aroma teh, dll).

When your car air conditioner works perfectly, it’s a good idea to try using air purifier. Air purifiers are good alternative for natural aromatherapy car perfume (like those made from clove, dried tea leaves, and screwpine leaves, etc), Air purifier absorbs dust and unpleasant smells in your car’s cabin and gives off clean air by releasing plasmacluster ions. Besides giving fresh air inside the cabin, plasmacluster ions also kills fungi and bacteria. What tells air purifier from air conditioner? The latter cleans and purifies the air without changing the temperature inside the cabin.

Many variants and models of air purifier are available and they come at various prices. But keep in mind to regularly clean your air purifier, especially when you keep it on during your trips. You simply wash the filter under running water.