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30/10/2017 News


Perlindungan Ekstra Di Tengah Kemacetan

Traffic congestion is a common feature of Indonesia’s main cities. But how many of us aware that it is during this time that our car engines work the hardest, therefore requiring extra protection

In a light traffic condition, the engine gets air when the car is moving. When it sits idly, however, there will be no natural air while engine temperature rises. Inside the engine, the heat may go as high as 90⁰C. Although the main component that maintains engine temperature at its ideal range is the water cooling system, but engine oils also play an important role.

Like any liquid that encounters heat, engine oils can become thinner in extreme conditions such as severe traffic congestion. Heat may cause the oils to easily evaporate or enter the combustion chamber. When this happens, oil volume decreases, and the potency of its protection over a car engine is reduced.

Older cars – cars that are above four years old – suffer more in this kind of extreme condition. Engine wear that the car accumulates over time will increase the clearance between parts, including piston-to-wall clearance.

For this reason, cars that are over 4 years old or old cars require reliable engine oils such as Total Quartz 9000 SN 5W40, Quartz 7000 SN 10W40, Quartz 5000 SN 15W50, and
Quartz 3000 SJ 20W50. As indicated, bigger specification numbers mean the products are of higher viscosity – high enough to be heat-resistant.

The protective feature of high viscosity oils is also more evenly distributed including to the clearance between moving parts, preventing friction that may cause engine overheat. Evaporation is also minimized in thicker oils despite being in an extreme temperature.