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01/10/2017 News


Teknologi Oli Mesin Untuk Menghemat Konsumsi BBM

Car manufacturers use various means to produce fuel-saving, low-emission engines. One of the ways is to collaborate with lubricant producers to create oils that are compatible with their engines. The result is low viscosity engine oils that are capable of alleviating engine load without compromising its protective ability.

Total Quartz 9000 Future SN GF5 0W20 and Quartz 9000 Future SN 5W30 are examples of low viscosity engine oils that are suitable for modern engines. Additionally, the Total Oil produts are fully synthetic oils enhanced with Age Resistance Technology (ART) to improve their protective ability that results in better engine performance and keeping your engine younger for longer.

ART provides all-round protection against the effects of friction between an engine’s internal parts. ART also ensures optimum protection against oxidation and corrosion. Engine deposits, caused by engines constantly being exposed to high temperature, are prevented by ART. The engine oils guarantee excellent performance until the next oil change.

The viscosity level of Total Quartz 9000 product line-up is exceptionally low that they are easy to pump and circulate smoothly, resulting in improved engine efficiency. The features and benefits of the oils are highly suitable for modern cars with compact engines.

With efficient fuel use, gas emission is also reduced and makes your car environmentally friendly.