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04/03/2018 News


All road users – with no exception – are obliged to comply with the traffic rules and regulations. By doing so, we can expect to arrive safely at destinations and avoid the undesirables. However, we still find drivers who are negligent on the road. We all are aware how such careless driving behavior may put one into danger: the driver or other road users. From now on, let us start to drive positively with these tips:

  •  Don’t trash the road. Sometimes while we’re in the car, we unintentionally throw a used tissue or food wraps out of the window. A flying object 
  • no matter how light – may endanger anyone who is passing by. Put a small trash bin in the car so you can keep any wastes inside and unpack once you arrive at your destination. The road is not a trash bin, in any case, and a clean environment always looks better in the eyes.
  • Don’t be a wrong-way driver. Never drive contrary to the direction of traffic flow. Driving is already a dangerous operation that requires skill and full focus, we don’t want to add more risks by driving wrong way. There are very limited number excuses that may justify wrong-way driving (and can only be done when encouraged by the traffic police), and running late to an appointment is not one of them.
  • Stop behind the stop line at a red light. It is a very common sight to see road users stopping after the stop line. Not only it’s breaking the law, this also means placing one at risk of being struck by other vehicles coming from other directions. Stop lines also give pedestrians (who are also road users) safety by giving them clear identifications of crossing area.
  • Never drive on the TransJakarta lanes. They are exclusive for TransJakarta buses. The buses are bound to schedules and they need sterile lane to meet the schedules. This means, any other vehicles in the lane is facing the risks of danger. If you wish to use this exclusive lane, you can just leave your vehicle at home and hop on to the TransJakarta bus instead.
  • Don’t park recklessly. Find a designated parking area where you can park your vehicle. There are reasons why the authority put a non-signs by the roads, and “just 5 minutes” is definitely not an eligible excuse to park your car at no-parking areas.

Whether you just got your driving license or an experienced driver, there are always rooms for improvement for us to show “totalpositif attitude. Remember, that there are other people who are also using the road and they have as much rights and obligations as us.

Let’s start doing positive things.