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02/09/2018 News


For an avid car enthusiast like you, washing your beloved car could bring you so much fun. You may even get addicted to it since it helps you relieve a lot of stress after a week of working. What is the best method of washing your car’s interior to give it a clean and shiny look? Keep reading to find out the useful tips from TOTAL.

Tools and Materials

  1. Always use clean ground water or running water from PDAM (State Water Utility Company). It is highly recommended that you use a pressurized water pump or better still, a jet cleaner.
  2. Get yourself two pails to contain car shampoo and rinsing water, a soft brush to clean the tires, a paint brush, a couple of sponges and different synthetic chamois for to wipe different parts of your car (the body, the windshield and windows, the wheels and the engine), and make sure you don’t use these chamois interchangeably. You also need some microfibre clothes and a vacuum cleaner.
  3. You need a bottle of car shampoo, tire gel, class cleaner and car interior cleaner for the car panels, dashboard and seat upholstery.

Washing Procedure fot Your Car’s Exterior

  1. Remove the carpets, then wash and hang them to dry.
  2. Wait until the car’ engine cools down to prevent water from drying quickly and leaving water stains on the car’s surface. Start cleaning from notoriously dirty part: the fender. Spray the fenders with pressurized water aand use a brush to remove stubborn dirts and mud. Next is the rear bumper: spray the inner side of the bumper, then spray the underside of left and right fenders and the parts of the car’s underside like the wheel assembly, the muffler’s resonance chamber and the spare tire.
  3. Use a soft brush to clean the rubber tires, and clean the alloy wheels with the specific cloth or rags.
  4. Shower your car from above and continue downwards. Apply extra spray on the car’s lower sides to remove muds accumulating on the left and right sides as well as the rear part of your car. Spray the front part of your car to clean the dried on bugs and grimes originating from the vehicles running in ahead of your car.
  5. Repeat the procedure: spray the car from above. If necessary, gently touch the surface of your car to make sure all sport and stubborn dirt are gone.
  6. Use wet sponge dipped in car shampoo and gently rub it on the surface, starting from the roof, down to the engine bonnet, the front grill and then the left side of your car. Rinse your car to make sure it’s perfectly clean.
  7. Next, sponge the right and back sides of your car and thoroughly rinse them.
  8. Wash the alloy wheels and tires of your car with special solvents. Brush the tires again and spray them clean with water.
  9. Rinse once again your car’s surface, the alloy wheels and the tires.
  10. To dry your car, wipe the entire surface with synthetic chamois, pay close attention to crevices and niches around the doors. Cleaning and drying your car’s inaccessible parts like the niches between the doors and the panels, the door handles, rubber seals around the windows, rearview mirrors, the emblem, foglamp casinf, engine grill and the wipers will be easier if you use compressed air.
  11. Repeat the process where necessary, watch out for remaining on certain parts.

Finishing Touch

  1. Repeat wiping the car’s surface with synthetic chamois until you’re 100% sure the car is dry.
  2. Clean the outer and inner sides of the glass using special solvent and microfiber cloth.
  3. When the tires are dry, evenly apply tire gel on the surface using sponge paint brush, and let them dry and shine.