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01/04/2018 News


Whether you’re using public transportation or driving your own, urban people tend to spend a lot of their time on the road. As we share the road and traffic condition with others, we need to accept that anything can happen.

It is best to never assume how other drivers will behave. The fact is, you’ll never know their temperament or in what condition they are in. You may have seen how some drivers become emotional after having road problems, while others may be driving under influence. The rule of thumb for safety is to just give them their space.

There are also more to road driving than your driving skills, which contributes to only 10 per cent to road safety. The remaining and overwhelming 90 per cent is determined by your mental condition. Here is where defensive driving skills can be useful.

As a type of driving technique, defensive driving aims to prevent worst-case scenarios and it starts by the awareness that we are sharing the road with other users. On the road, pedestrians and truck and bus drivers alike reserve the same rights that have to be respected. Defensive driving also teaches drivers to manage their emotion, keeping it under control even under duress.

Driving calmly should be part of everyone’s daily driving behavior. It can be as simple as refraining from using your car horn excessively, as it may disturb other road users. Or, giving way to pedestrians who are crossing the road.

Traffic congestion understandably causes fatigue and impatience. But you can make road condition more manageable by keeping a cool head and staying in your lane, instead of consistently trying to get ahead of others and cutting their way as a result. You’ll get to your destination all the same, and even better as you stay positive and not irritate others.

It is also possible to do good in traffic, i.e. be kind with your words. If another driver bumps your car, try to not use offensive language which can only escalate the situation.

Having a positive state of mind can help you fend off fatigue and in turn this maintains your driving endurance. When you can stay relatively fresh, it will also be easier for you to control your emotion. Your travel becomes enjoyable and your behavior will not put others in harm.

Remember to always think through before you react to something. Let’s be #totalpositive