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20/03/2018 News


There are four things that can potentially make your car difficult to control when you are making a long journey. Pay close attention to these four things in your effort to bolster your personal image as a #totallypositive driver

  1. The condition of your car’s tires seriously affects the way it handles. Each individual tire’s air pressure, thickness, or structural damage will directly affect your car’s behavior. Please make sure your car’s tires are in perfect condition cracks. Also make sure your tire is thick enough before you hit the road. Adjust the air pressure: obey the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  2. Your car’s height also affects its handling. For this reason, if you put a lot of luggage on your roofrack, make sure those items are well-positioned and not hamper your ability to handle and control your car. Roof box is a better option for those who travel a long distance. Either way, just make sure your luggage is tightly tied and immobilized when placed on top of your vehicle.Ketinggian mobil sangat berpengaruh terhadap pengendaliannya.
  3. Never underestimate the effect of your car’s total weight on your ability to control and stop it. Even though your car’s brakes work perfectly, try your best to apply them slightly earlier to compensate for your car’s weight. Perfect timing will reduce the distance it takes your car to stop.
  4. The phenomenon of crosswind can spell disaster when your car is speeding above 100 km/h. In fact this is a new kind of road hazard that you must be aware of when driving on toll roads for the first time. Gradually slow down until you fell confident about your car’s handling.