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13/02/2019 Press release


Jakarta, February 13, 2019 PT Total Oil Indonesia, an affiliate of Total, the fourth largest international oil and gas company, unveiled their latest lubricants products: TOTAL QUARTZ 8000 FUTURE 0W-20 fully synthetic and TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 FUTURE 5W-30 semi synthetic. Both are specifically formulated for Low Cost Green Cars.

Since the release of government policy on LCGC in 2013, the segment has continually grown in recent years*. With such specific policy, LCGC driven in cities in Indonesia positively impacts the environment by burning lesser fuel and improve vehicle’s gas mileage. It is ideally designed to accommodate the hustle and bustle of modern day traffic. Friendly price tags, equipped with various economical benefits without sacrificing modern technology, these may be considered as the main reasons that contribute to the popularity. It has become one among the best-selling categories in the national automotive market.


Low cost green cars are designed specifically by the manufacturers to meet the requirements set forth by the government, and therefore requires specific lubricants. “Modern and compact size engines, as in Low Cost Green Cars, require engine oils with very low viscosity. TOTAL QUARTZ 8000 FUTURE 0W-20 and TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 FUTURE 5W-30 are particularly designed to be compatible with LCGC engines. We are moving into an era of ever-rising focus on longevity, and with this movement in mind, our products pave the way as the ultimate fully synthetic lubricant formulated  with Total Fuel Economy homologated technology. We propose the latest products cater to downsized engines to make your LCGC’s combustion process more efficient, resulting in high performing engines and total efficiency gains” explained Franck Giraud, Managing Director of PT Total Oil Indonesia.


High interest in LCGC vehicles

Taking a closer look at the statistics, GAIKINDO data shows that in period of January – November 2018, LCGC segment contributes 20% to the total automotive sales with 212,095 units sold. This data replicates how the segment has become one of preferred options for Indonesian consumers.

TOTAL QUARTZ 8000 Future GF-5 0W-20

TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 Future GF-5 5W-30

“It is a part of PT Total Oil Indonesia's commitment to delivering the best innovations and meeting customer needs in Indonesia. Through the launch of TOTAL QUARTZ 8000 FUTURE 0W-20 and TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 FUTURE 5W-30,  PT Total Oil Indonesia wishes to answer various needs of customers in Indonesia” Franck concluded.